View the Case Studies below.

Case Study 1
China’s Agricultural Success: the Role of Herbicides

Case Study 2
The Importance of Herbicides in UK Wheat: Long-Term Experiment Results

Case Study 3
Europe’s Self-Sufficiency in Rice Due to Herbicide Use

Case Study 4
Insecticide Use in West Africa Means More Cocoa Beans for Chocolate and Less Destruction of the Rain Forest

Case Study 5
Without Pesticides, Apple Production in the United Kingdom Would Not be Viable

Case Study 6
New Zealand Kiwifruit Would Not Meet Export Standards without Insecticide Sprays

Case Study 7
Herbicides are Key for the Sustainability of Rice Growing in South Asia

Case Study 8
Rice Fungicides Prevent Famine

Case Study 9
Herbicides Enable the Replanting of Rubber Trees on Small Farms in South Asia

Case Study 10
Without Fungicides, World Banana Exports Would Collapse

Case Study 11
Fungicide Sprays on Groundnuts Would Greatly Improve Food Security in Africa

Case Study 12
Herbicides Enable Thousands of Asian Farmers to Gain Income from Oil Palm Trees

Case Study 13
European Organic Wheat Suffers from “Stinking Smut” Disease Due to Lack of Fungicide Seed Treatment

Case Study 14
High Maize Yields in Europe Depend on Herbicides

Case Study 15
Climate Change Increases Need for Fungicides for Coffee Trees

Case Study 16
Dramatic Reductions in Soil Erosion on Tea Plantations Result from Herbicide Use

Case Study 17
Fumigation Makes Spain the #1 Exporter of Strawberries in the World

Case Study 18
Insecticide Use Maintains Productivity of European Oilseed Rape Fields

Case Study 19
Fungicides Have Protected European Wine Grapes for 150 Years

Case Study 20
No German Hops for Beer without Insecticides or Fungicides

Case Study 21
Herbicide Use in Scandinavia: Increased Cereal Yields, Improved Water Quality

Case Study 22
Without Pesticides, One-Fifth of Norway’s Population Could not be Fed in a Crisis

Case Study 23
Pesticide Use in Russia: Restoring the Benefits

Case Study 24
Insecticides Prevent Major Losses in UK Wheat

Case Study 25
Fungicides Protect Potatoes Worldwide from a Disease that Caused the Deaths of Millions of People

Case Study 26
Due to Sex Change, European Potatoes Increasingly Dependent on Fungicides

Case Study 27
Restrictions on Fungicide Use Causing Decline in Organic Potato Production in Europe

Case Study 28
Increased Fungicide Use on Potatoes Would Significantly Improve Food Security in Russia

Case Study 29
High Quality Italian Tomatoes Depend on Fungicides

Case Study 30
Herbicide Use in Argentina Has Led to $30+Billion in Worldwide Economic Benefits

Case Study 31
Fungicides Protect the World’s Wheat Crop from Rust

Case Study 32
Insecticides Required to Meet Consumer Demands for Blemish-Free Carrots in the EU

Case Study 33
Potato Farmers in the Andean Mountains Depend on Fungicides

Case Study 34
European Potatoes Require Insecticide Protection from an Invasive Pest – From the U.S.

Case Study 35
Chinese Rice Fields Require Insecticide Protection from an Invasive Pest – From the U.S.

Case Study 36
Italian Rice Farmers Would Lose 125 Million Euros in Annual Income without Fungicides

Case Study 37
Without Insecticide Sprays, Damage from Insect Feeding Would Lower the Quality of European Olive Oil

Case Study 38
Herbicide Use in Spanish Olive Groves Conserves Soil and Water

Case Study 39
The Importance of Herbicides for Grain Crops in Canada

Case Study 40
Herbicide Use in Africa Would Lead to Large Increases in Crop Yields

Case Study 41
Without Insecticides, 1.2 Billion Pounds of Sugar from Australia Would Not Be Produced

Case Study 42
Herbicides are Key for Wheat Farming in Australia

Case Study 43
Europe’s Wheat Yields are the World’s Highest Due to Fungicide Use

Case Study 44
European Organic Apple Production Demonstrates Value of Pesticides

Case Study 45
Fungicides Prevent Massive Losses of Soybeans in Brazil

Case Study 46
Fungicides Preserve the Productivity of Rubber Trees

Case Study 47
Insecticide Sprays Keep Mexico Free of Medflies with Great Economic Benefit

Case Study 48
Fungicide Spraying is Critical for Increasing Potato Production in Africa

Case Study 49
EU Subsidies Have Led to a Significant Increase in Pesticide Use and Crop Productivity in Poland

Case Study 50
Herbicide Technology Can Reduce Massive Crop Losses to Striga in Africa

Case Study 51
Insecticides Prevent the Destruction of Date Palms in the Middle East

Case Study 52
Fungicides Protect the High Quality of Australian Wines

Case Study 53
Fungicides Result in Asian Mangoes Suitable for Export

Case Study 54
Insecticides Make High Quality Eggplant (Brinjal) Production in India Possible

Case Study 55
Fungicides Protect South African Grapes from Rot and Mildew

Case Study 56
Increasing Cost of Labor in the Philippines Promotes Herbicide Applications in Rice

Case Study 57
Insecticides Could Reverse Decline in East African Coffee Production

Case Study 58
Turkey #1 Hazelnut Producer Thanks to Insecticides

Case Study 59
Herbicides Can Close Yield Gap in Bangladesh Rice

Case Study 60
Italian Wheat Farms would Lose €99 Million without Fungicides

Case Study 61
Fungicides are Key for Apple Production in India

Case Study 62
Insecticides Maintain High Quality of Colombian Coffee

Case Study 63
Increased Pesticide Use Could Make India Self-Sufficient in Vegetable Protein

Case Study 64
Pesticide Use Enabled Rapid Growth in South Korean Rice Production

Case Study 65
Fungicides Can Increase Asian Maize Production

Case Study 66
Insecticides Could Greatly Increase African Maize Yields

Case Study 67
Fungicides Could Greatly Increase Maize Yields in Africa

Case Study 68
Insecticides Have Boosted Chili Pepper Production and Farmer Incomes in India

Case Study 69
Disease Control Pesticides Deliver High Value for Australia’s Pulse Crops

Case Study 70
Large Canadian Pulse Crop Exports Result from Fungicide Use

Case Study 71
High-Value South African Citrus Exports Rely on Fungicides

Case Study 72
Fungicides Demonstrate High Value for Chickpea Production in Nepal

Case Study 73
Insecticides Have Key Role in Controlling Tuta absoluta in Mediterranean Tomatoes

Case Study 74
Repeat of Great Bengal Famine Unlikely Thanks to Fungicides

Case Study 75
Spray Service Provider Project Improves Weed Control in Africa

Case Study 76
Fungicides Are Key for Sustained Edible Oil Production from Groundnuts in India

Case Study 77
Canadian Onion Production Depends on Fungicides

Case Study 78
Chile is the #1 Exporter of Table Grapes Thanks to Fungicides

Case Study 79
Fungicides Provide Significant Financial Benefits to Australian Macadamia Producers

Case Study 80
Insecticides and Biotech Varieties Protect Indian Cotton from Significant Losses

Case Study 81
Insecticide Use in Wheat is Key for Food Security in the Near East and West Asia

Case Study 82
Insecticides are Key for Managing Brown Planthoppers in Japanese Rice Fields

Case Study 83
Fungicides Are Indispensable to Prevent Fungal Blisters on Tea Leaves in Asia

Case Study 84
Herbicides Essential for Zero-Till Wheat on the Indo-Gangetic Plains

Case Study 85
The Role of Insecticides in the Integrated Management of Pests of Oil Palm in Southeast Asia

Case Study 86
Herbicide Adoption Could Greatly Increase Cassava Production in Africa

Case Study 87
High Quality Scotch Whisky Depends on Fungicide Use

Case Study 88
Pesticide Use Delivers Great Value in Preventing Losses to Invertebrate Pests in Australia’s Grain Crops

Case Study 89
Strawberry Fields Forever? Not Without Fungicides

Case Study 90
Increased Use and Better Timing of Fungicides Improve UK Oilseed Rape Yield

Case Study 91
100% IPM Adoption in Citrus Orchards in Israel

Case Study 92
EU Pesticide Regulation Likely to Severely Reduce UK Potato Production

Case Study 93
Income and Yield Benefits Driving Large Increase in Herbicide Use in India

Case Study 94
Integrated Fruit Production (IFP): A Great Success in New Zealand Apple Orchards

Case Study 95
Organic Coffee: Why Latin America’s Farmers Are Abandoning It

Case Study 96
81 Million People Would Be Without Potatoes If Fungicides Were Not Used in Germany

Case Study 97
Small Apple Growers in Italy’s Trentino Region Benefit Greatly from Integrated Fruit Production (IFP)

Case Study 98
Highest Sugar Beet Yields Ever in the UK Thanks to New Fungicides

Case Study 99
IPM Proves Most Effective in Controlling Insect Pests of Cowpea in Africa

Case Study 100
Desert Locust Plagues Managed With Insecticides

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