North Carolina Environmental Stewardship

The North Carolina Environmental Stewardship program was initiated with a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and has been developed and administered by CropLife Foundation. These fact sheets were produced for workers using pesticides in North Carolina, but are full of useful information for anyone dealing with agricultural chemicals.  We also included fact sheets specifically for North Carolina’s Christmas tree growers (denoted by NCCTA).

Tips on Working Safely with Pesticides in North Carolina

Protecting Farm Families from Pesticide Exposures
English Version
Spanish Version

A Pesticide Mixing and Loading Checklist
Spanish Version

Using Agricultural Pesticides Safely
English Version
Spanish Version

English Version (NCCTA)
Spanish Version (NCCTA)

Planning Emergency Response to Pesticide Spills
English Version
Spanish Version

English Version (NCCTA)

Recycling Plastic Pesticide Containers
English Version

English Version (NCCTA)

Additional Topics

The Worker Protection Standard  (NCCTA)

On-Farm Pesticide Storage and Disposal Assistance

Minimizing Pesticide Spray Drift

Keeping your Well Water Safe

Calibrating a Boom Sprayer

Calibrating a Backpack Sprayer for Chemical Mowing (NCCTA)

Chemigation Safety

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